Curriculum Vitae for Dr. Betsy Bates Freed

Curriculum Vitae for Dr. Betsy Bates Freed

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Elizabeth (Betsy) Bates Freed, Psy.D. 

Licensed Clinical Psychologist CA. Lic. PSY25652


Contact Information:

 2400 Bath Street, Suite 202
Santa Barbara, California 93105
(805) 979-3440 (Office)
(877) 935-8686 (Fax)
E mail:




State of California Board of Psychology
License number CA PSY25652

Private Practice

Currently engaged in full-time private practice in clinical psychology, specializing in health psychology and serving families, couples, and individuals, including children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. Designated as a Medicare Provider (# CB206955) and accepting Aetna and UCSB student insurance, as well as serving as an out-of-network provider for other health insurance companies and private pay patients.

Adjunct faculty member

Colorado State University
Departments of Psychology and Public Health
Fall 2014, 2015
Courses: Abnormal Psychology, Public Health Writing Workshop

Antioch University Santa Barbara
Graduate program in psychology
Fall 2011 to present
Courses: Academic Writing, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, Advanced Family Systems


Author, “Vitality Signs,” a blog for oncologists and cancer health professionals on psychosocial issues, The Oncology Report,

Fall 2011 to May 2013



Psy.D. Clinical Psychology,

June 2011
Antioch University Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California


MA, Clinical Psychology,

January 2008
Antioch University Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California


BA, English (Writing: poetry emphasis)

with high honors, May 1979
Secondary teaching certification
Denison University
Granville, Ohio

Graduate coursework

Native American literature (San Diego State University) 1984-1985

Journalism (University of Southern California, Los Angeles) 1992

Developmental psychology (Augustana College, Sioux Falls, S.D.) 2009


Clinical Experience

September 2012 – September 2013        Support Services Coordinator
                                                                 Cancer Center of Santa Barbara at Sansum Clinic
                                                                 Supervisor: Mary Solis, L.C.S.W. (805) 569-2412

Provided psychosocial support services to cancer patients and their families; assisted in the development of screening tools; coordinated interdisciplinary care, directed support groups for patients with head and neck cancer, parents, and children/teens of cancer patients.


October 2011 – February 2012        Psychological assistant to Karen Lehman, Ph.D.
                                                                 Supervisor: Karen Lehman, Ph.D. (805) 320-0782

Provided psychotherapy for private patients, including children, adolescents, and adults.


October 2011 – August 2011           Postdoctoral psychology intern
                                                                Santa Barbara County Children’s Mental Health
                                                                Supervisor: Rosanna Jimeno, Psy.D. (805) 884-1607

 Participated in wrap-around multidisciplinary treatment team for high-risk children and adolescents and those with serious mental illness. 

September 2010 – January 2012   Psychology Intern/Postdoctoral intern
                                                               Glendale Adventist Medical Center
                                                               Family Practice Residency Program
                                                               Glendale, California
                                                               Supervisor: James Pathman, Ph.D.
                                                               (818) 500-5577

Conducted individual, couples, and parent/child counseling for patients referred by their primary care physicians for diagnoses including depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, eating disorders, mental retardation, and adjustment issues related to grief, cancer, Huntington’s disease, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, rape, domestic violence, and relationships. Completed rotation at Glendale Adventist Alcohol & Drug Services, conducting group therapy for inpatients and outpatients. Provided psychological testing and training for medical residents. Conducted neuropsychological evaluations. Received multidisciplinary training and supervision (psychology, social work, psychiatry, pharmacy.)



March 2007- July 2010                   Practicum student
                                                             Cancer Center of Santa Barbara
                                                             Santa Barbara, California
                                                             Mary Ann Evans, Ph.D. 
                                                             (805) 686-1467
                                                             Karen Lehman, Ph.D.
                                                             (805) 320-0782


Provided individual, couples, and family therapy for cancer patients and their family members, assessing for depression and anxiety, and assisting with family stress, adjustment difficulties, and end-of-life issues. Co-facilitated community support group. Facilitated melanoma support group, teen group, children’s group. Participated in interdisciplinary case conferences with physicians, nurses, social workers, nutritionist. Assisted in developing palliative care initiative. Conducted home visits. In addition to cancer, comorbid diagnoses included bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, borderline personality disorder, sleep and anxiety disorders.


October 2008- May 2009                Practicum student
                                                             California State University
                                                             Channel Islands campus
                                                             Student Health Center
                                                             Camarillo, California
                                                             Alan Pasternak, Ph.D.
                                                             (805) 437-8828

Assessed and counseled members of a diverse student population for issues ranging from adjustment disorder to crisis intervention. Performed learning disability diagnostic assessment. Supervised alcohol awareness program co-sponsored by Ventura County, Calif., and created program manual. Received experience in treating clients with a wide range of Axis I and II disorders, including depression, bipolar disorder, dissociative disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual abuse (victim), alcoholism, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder. Became proficient in electronic records system TheraScribe.


July 2009 – June 2010                 Practicum student
                                                           Cleveland Elementary School
                                                           Santa Barbara, California
                                                           Supervisor: Karen Lehman, Ph.D.
                                                           (805) 320-0782

Conducted observations, assessments, and individual counseling for children ages 6-12 at a low-income elementary school (>95% of children receive free federal school lunch). Consulted with family members, guardians, and faculty members on ways to enhance environment for children with learning disabilities, family crises, anxiety, PTSD. Participated in interdisciplinary conferences with principal, marriage/family therapist, social worker, educational psychologist, school nurse.


September 2009 – June 2010     Practicum student
                                                           Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation
                                                           Santa Barbara & Ventura, Calif.
                                                           Supervisor: Karen Lehman, Ph.D.
                                                           (805) 320-0782

Directed monthly support groups for non-profit foundation. First group offers psychoeducation and supportive care for parents of children with cancer. Second group serves children and teens with cancer and features creative activities and art therapy with developmentally appropriate goals for enhancing peer support, emotional expression, self concept. Adult support group is bilingual (translator is available). Childrens’ group includes children with neurologic deficits, deafness, limited mobility.



Featured psychologist, American Psychological Association Div. 51, May 2013

Antioch University Santa Barbara travel scholarship, APA, Toronto, 2009

American Academy of Dermatology Gold Triangle Award (2001, 2002, 2004)

American Diabetes Association Southern California media award

American Association of Critical Care Nurses writing award (honorable mention)

California Newspaper Publisher’s Association investigative reporting award

Sigma Delta Chi award for investigative/enterprise reporting

San Diego Press Club awards for investigative reporting, consumer writing

San Diego Medical Society reporting award

California legislature proclamation of merit


Professional Memberships

American Psychological Association

APA Division 38, Health Psychology

APA Division 51, Society for the Psychological Study of Men & Masculinity

California Psychological Association

Santa Barbara County Psychological Association (Board member, 2011-2012)

American Psychosocial Oncology Society



Santa Barbara County Psychological Association Salon CE Presentation (February 2015) “In Sickness as in Health: Psychology’s Role in Medical Illness”

Santa Barbara County Psychological Association, UCSB Counseling Center staff, UCSB Graduate Program in Psychology (Sept. 2013, Jan. 2014) “The DSM-5: A Clinician’s Guide to its Organization, Content, and Application.” (Co-presenter with John Lewis, Ph.D  

Santa Barbara County Pediatric Society, Public Health Clinics, First Five  California, School District Administration Meetings (2012) “The Children’s System of Care,” an outreach program to educate physicians, educators, and public health officials about signs of mental illness in children

American Psychological Association: Symposium “Male Norms and Prostate Cancer: Implications for Men and their Partners” (August 2011, Washington D.C.)

Antioch University Santa Barbara: “Work Interrupted: A Questionnaire Assessing the Relationship Between Work-related Distress and Psychological Adjustment to Cancer.” (Dissertation defense, June 2011)

International Society of Behavioral Medicine: “Prostate Cancer and Male Norms: The Concept of Support.” (August 2010, Washington D.C.)

Antioch University Santa Barbara: “Challenges Inherent in Leading an Open-ended, Open-membership Community Support Group for Patients with Cancer, 2009.

Antioch University Santa Barbara: “The Circle of Courage: A Strength-Based Approach to Assessment of Adolescents based on Lakota Sioux Principles.” (August 2009)

Cleveland Elementary School, “Stress Management for Teachers.” (August 2009)

University of Southern California seminar: “Cancer, physicians and journalism” (1994)

American Medical Association National Leadership Conference: “Media and Medicine” (1992)




            Pacific Standard magazine: “Why Won’t Men Get Help?” co-author with David Freed; and “Did You Hear the One About the Guy with Prostate Cancer?” July/August 2012

International Medical News Group/Elsevier (Family Practice News, Internal Medicine New, Clinical Rheumatology News) “Physician: Starve Thyself – Are Eating Disorders the Last Taboo in the Medical World?” Nov. 1, 2012

            “Vitality Signs,” weekly blog, The Oncology Report (Elsevier), ongoing online column addresses implications of current psychosocial research and events for a professional audience


Science/medical journalist, 1983-current

San Diego Tribune, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Los Angeles Daily News, University of Southern California, International Medical News Group/Elsevier (Clinical Neurology News, Clinical Psychiatry News, Endocrinology News, Family Practice News, Internal Medicine News, Pediatric News, Ob.Gyn. News, The Oncology Report)


Researcher/Columnist, 2009

“Practical Psychopharmacology” Clinical Psychiatry News

“Polypharmacy for Bipolar Disorder” (May 2009)

“Consider Medication Costs in Treatment Planning (June 2009)

“Treating ADHD When Stimulants Don’t Work” (July 2009)

“Atypical Antipsychotics and Metabolic Testing (August 2009)

“Medication Choices in Patients with Chronic Pain” (Sept. 2009)

“Borderline Personality Disorder and SSRIs” (Oct. 2009)

“Balancing Medication and CBT/Exposure Therapy for Anxiety”) (Nov. 2009)

“Treating PTSD/Substance Abuse Simultaneously” (Dec. 2009)

“Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents” (Jan. 2010)

“Doing the Meds: Collaborative Practice” (Feb. 2010)



“Behavioral Consult” Pediatric News: 2000-2009

Monthly column features difficult issues in developmental/behavioral pediatrics. Columns are based on interviews with Michael Jellinek, M.D., chair of pediatric psychiatry at Harvard University, and Barbara Howard, M.D., assistant professor of pediatrics at The Johns Hopkins University. Topics have included: school avoidance, chronic illness, selective mutism, post-partum depression, homelessness, substance abuse, divorce, ADHD, suicide, gay teens, autism spectrum disorders, caregiver burnout.


Contributing author, 1995-2002

Rodale Press

Food and You (1996); Women Doctors Book of Home Remedies (1997); Busy Woman’s Cookbook (2000); Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Stronger Bones (2000); The Hormone Connection (2001); La Medicina de Mamá (2001); Ultimate Women’s Guide to Health and Fitness (2002).


Media Appearances/Video Production

“How to Find Help and Support When Faced With a Serious Mental Illness.” Dr. Kim Taylor Show, KZSB 1290 AM, February 2015

“Why Men Don’t Seek Psychotherapy.” Dr. Kim Taylor Show, KZSB 1290 AM, February 2014

MSNBC “The Cycle” network appearance, June 25, 2012, interview in conjunction with release of story on men and psychotherapy in Pacific Standard magazine.

“Teens in Cyberspace,” highlighting research from the Society of Adolescent Medicine, You Tube, April 2009

“Circle of Courage,” featuring interviews from experts about a strength-based approach to assessment of children and adolescents based on Lakota Sioux teachings. You Tube, September 2009




 Loewy, M. I., Bates Freed, B.A., Fortman, J. A., Gertwagen, J. A., Goforth, J.P., Ingram, A.S., & Jaimes, D.R. Applying Multicultural Training to Practice: Clinical Psychologists’ Perceptions and Experiences. Presented in poster form, APA annual meeting, San Francisco, 2007.


Bates Freed, B. A. Work Interrupted: A Questionnaire Assessing the Relationship Between Work-Related Distress and Psychological Adjustment to Cancer. Doctoral dissertation (accepted by committee, May 2011; presented June 2011). Dissertation chairperson: Ryan Sharma, Psy.D., (805) 962-8179.


Bates Freed, B. A. Food for Thought: Psychologists as Medical Providers. Lessons from Bucy v. Bucy, 1990. Poster presented at Antioch Scholars Day, December 2009.


Bates Freed, B. A. Prostate Cancer: Male Norms and the Concept of Support. Oral presentation/panel member, symposium, 11th International Congress of Behavioral Medicine, Washington D.C. (August 2010).


Bates Freed, B. A. Male Norms and Prostate Cancer – Implications for Men and Partners, oral presentation, American Psychological Association annual meeting, Washington D.C. (August 2011)


Bates Freed, B. A. Work Interrupted: Assessing the Impact of Work-Related Distress on Psychological Adjustment to Cancer, accepted for poster at the annual meeting of the American Psychosocial Oncology Society, February 2012, Miami, FLA.


Bates Freed, B. A. Integrated from the Start: Collaborative Training Programs for Primary Care Residents and Psychology Graduate Students, poster presentation, California Psychological Association, April 2012


Bates Freed, B, Solis, M., Lehman, K., & Jacobs, H. (2013, Feb). Evolution of a support group for teens whose parents have cancer: Third time's a charm! Poster and oral presentation at the American Psychosocial Oncology Society Annual Meeting, Huntington Beach, CA.


Bates Freed, B. (2013, Feb). Using social media to bridge disciplines: Introducing psychosocial issues to oncologists through a blog. Poster presentation at the American Psychsocial Oncology Society Annual Meeting, Huntington Beach, CA




Human Sexuality (2006)

Child Abuse (2007)

End of Life Issues (APA Workshop, 2007)

Reclaiming Youth International Developmental Audit Training (June 2009)

Infant/child and adult CPR Training (2009)

Motivational Interviewing (2011)

Treatment of individuals with PTSD, Complex PTSD, and Co-Morbid Disorders (Glendon Association webinar, 12/2011)

Assessment and Psychotherapy: An introduction to the use of psychological testing in psychotherapy (Sierra Tucson CE activity, 12/2011)

Ethics and legal issues in Medi-Cal billing (2012)

Cultural competency certification, Santa Barbara County ADMHS (2012)

Consumer & Family Culture in Mental Health (2012)

Law and Ethics in Government Service (2012)

Developing Effective Treatment Plans for the Eating Disorder Patient (Summit, 2012)

Recent Advances in Psychological Trauma (2013)

Clinical Supervision Training (2013, 2015)


Professional Development

American Headache Society (2006)

American Psychological Association (2007, 2009)

Stanford Pediatric Clinical Update (2007)

American College of Cardiology (2007)

Society of Hospital Medicine (2008)

Pediatric Academic Societies (2008)

Society of Adolescent Medicine (March 2009)

World Congress on Lung Cancer (August 2009)

American Academy of Pediatrics “Practical Pediatrics” (Sept. 2009)

American Academy of Addiction Psychiatrists (Dec. 2009)

San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (Dec. 2009)

International Society of Behavioral Medicine (August 2010)

American Psychosocial Oncology Society (February 2011)

American Neurological Association (September 2011)

American Psychosocial Oncology Society (February 2012)

California Psychological Association (April 2012)

American Psychosocial Oncology Society (February 2013)

American Psychological Association (August 2016)